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alignment ~ breathing ~ core stability

Welcome to abc-pilates!

Pilates is a slow, controlled, relaxing series of exercises suitable for all abilities, focusing on body alignment, breathing and core stability. 


£45 for 6 week block (group classes)

£45 for 1-2-1 session

To Book:

Call 07970 188816

Email natasha@abc-pilates.co.uk


Class times:

Monday evenings




1-2-1 sessions also available

Originally devised by Joseph Pilates in the late 1800’s, and refined with modern research, Pilates exercises aim to:

  • Correct muscular imbalances, restoring good alignment and posture.
  • Strengthen the core muscles to protect, stabilise and support the spine (and flatten tummies too!).
  • Mobilise / maintain joint mobility.
  • Develop lean, flexible, stronger muscles.
  • Relax and restore balance to the body and mind. 

Please have a look around using the tabs above to find more information about Pilates generally, about abc-pilates and about the classes I teach.  Do email or call with any enquiries.


ABC Pilates | Woodley, Reading, Berks, UK | Tel:  07970 188816 | natasha@abc-pilates.co.uk